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I am 21.
I am an aspiring actress. I love to sing and write.
All I really want to be is a YouTuber.
And as far as my art goes, I do a little bit of everything.

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I live in a world where everyone is faulty,
everyone cares what anyone thinks,
and nobody lives for anyone but themselves.
And in this world,
people take everything for granted and nothing for free.
No one forgives what they can't understand,
when all it takes is opening their eyes.
So who would want to live in a place,
where the person with the most money has the most power?
And greed takes part in every equation?
Well the answer is simple.
The harder it is to find something beautiful,
the more you're bound to appreciate it.
And the longer it takes to finally be happy,
the less time you have to enjoy it.
I'm Sarah Elizabeth, and I know this world is an ugly place.
Which is just what it takes, to find what's not.


GenderBent Markiplier!

Journal Entry: Mon May 18, 2015, 11:13 PM



Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Hours had gone by and nobody said a word. Lucy lay flat on her back staring up toward the ceiling, while Peter curled up in fetal position, facing away from her. She had never felt this before. She had never felt like he hated her. Perhaps it was an immature thought, the idea of Peter truly hating Lucy, but there it was in her head.
Lucy turned to her side and snaked her arm over Peter’s chest and buried her face in his back. She took a deep breath, though, without life inside her, she smelled nothing and there was no oxygen in her lungs. There were many things from her living days that she still did despite them no longer having any effect. Lucy would sigh, and yawn, and scratch her scalp, yet she couldn’t feel the sensation of fingernails on her skin or anything else. These little things that conveyed emotion were part of the puzzle that made you human, it wasn’t just about whether or not your switch was flipped. Lucy used her memories of being alive to replace the sensations she lacked, which made it nearly impossible to tell one from the other, life from death. Only when the energy inside her was activated, could she truly feel again. Peter, being a medium, was always able to see and smell and touch. This made Lucy bubble with envy like the froth at the corners of a mental patient’s mouth. She wanted very much to be like him, who had the best of both eternities.
“Peter,” Lucy mumbled into the angles of his shoulder blades. He didn’t respond. “I’m sorry,” she said this quietly and with her fingers gripping his breast.
 “It’s okay.” The boy remained on his side, facing away.
 “I don’t like thinking about the future,” Lucy smiled sorrowfully against his thin cotton shirt.
 “Perhaps not,” Peter replied after some thought “, but that won’t change your plunge into it.”
 “Even in death, nothings forever.” She felt a pressure build in her chest until it buckled and began to heave. “Even if you were immortal, someday the sun’s going to burn up. There’s no such thing as forever, you have to find the courage to face your fate. Sooner or later you’re going to lose the people who you love the most and your world will undoubtedly fall apart.” Lucy furrowed her brow in frustration “; I don’t want to love you, because it’ll hurt that much more when this universe tears you from my arms.”  
“Just don’t let go,” Peter whispered, his eyes grim with the prospect of her tiny fingers trying to hold anything. “Remember me, Lucy, and next time you die, I promise, you’ll find me in this room, waiting.
“What if this house isn’t here anymore, what if I forget where it is? Peter, what if I’m not in this country anymore?”
“As long as you remember me, you’ll be Lucy again when you die, and we’ll pick up right where we left off.”
“I’m scared.”
Peter turned to over and placed a hand on each of her cheeks. He held her face firmly yet tenderly as he spoke, piercing her eyes with his gaze, and driving his words through her heart “; I will do everything in my considerable power, to bring you back to me, no matter how far. I will never stop looking. I will never rest, and I will never forget.” Lucy trembled. How Peter could say those words to her was beyond her comprehension. She never dreamed in a million years, that Peter Alan White would coo such sweet somethings into her ears, his fingertips melting into her skin. “You saved me,” he drew his lip between his teeth momentarily “, as stupid as that sounds Lucy, you did.” His eyes darted desperately betwixt hers. “If not for you, I would have slept forever. You kept me awake, Lucy, you thought about me when everyone else had forgotten.” He smiled, only faintly, and nuzzled his thumb warmly into her cheek. “We both know that the circumstances of our lives would have kept us apart, but cold grip of death pried my eyes open and the only thing I saw was you.”
 Time, God, life, what did any of it matter? With Peter there to guide her, Lucy could forget about the world.
It was early February, when Lucy came stumbling through the door into the dark foyer. Charlotte turned her pixie nose up from the open fridge, which was showering her in a cool light. The younger girl’s face was twisted with disgruntlement and her cheeks were plump with chocolate cake.
Charlotte swallowed and proceeded to berate her sister “, what the hell are you doing?” The red head acted as though she’d seen a homeless person eating a steaming pile of roadkill. “Is this what you’ve come to Lucy, sneaking out to bum around with a bunch of burnouts?”  Charlotte closed the refrigerator and moved to the kitchen island where she picked up her glass of milk.
“Oh my God Charlotte,” Lucy snorted “, eating cake after midnight? You’re going to get fat!” The younger girl downed her milk unamused when she noticed her sister’s unusual posture and, the closer Lucy wobbled toward the small light above the oven, the better Charlotte could tell something was wrong. Lucy folded her arms clumsily over the marble table top, and Charlotte could see that her cheeks were flushed and her eyes glazed.
“Holy shit, you’re drunk.” The red head snatched her sister’s chin and further inspected her face. “I can’t believe it, you’re really in quite the downward spiral, aren’t you?” Lucy batted her sisters hand away and then without warning doubled over, clutching her belly. “Hey!” Charlotte shrieked “, what’s wrong with you?” Lucy heaved once and grabbed her mouth in attempt to keep from ralphing all over the hard wood floor. However, she was unable to stop the oncoming siege of chewed up hotdog and alcohol in what appeared to be a chili cheese sauce. Charlotte jumped back to avoid the chunky mess spewing from between Lucy’s fingers.
“Charlotte,” Lucy choked “, help me.” The fourteen year old rushed to her sister’s side and heaved her up the best she could. Charlotte half guided, half dragged, Lucy to the bathroom. She propped Lucy up on the toilet and turned on the hot water in the tub. Then as she left the room Lucy called after her “, wait! Where are you going? Don’t leave.”
“Calm down,” Charlotte replied “, I’ll be right back. Charlotte creaked the door open after some time and rushed to shut off the faucet before the tub overflowed. Then she put the older girl’s arm over her shoulder and held her steady as she striped her sullied clothes off. Once Lucy was properly naked, her sister helped her into the tub. Steam rose off the surface of the bath, bellowing up around Lucy’s pale frame. The dark haired girl sunk down into the tingling warmth, submerged up to her chin.
Lucy wasn’t sure how long she’d blacked out for, but when she came to, Charlotte was sitting on the toilet reading and she was still in the tub. The dark haired girl rubbed her temples, still feeling woozy and looked up at her sibling. “Charlotte,” she gurgled “, I think he likes me.”
“Who?” Charlotte’s green eyes flicked over the girl in the bath. “Oh, you mean Peter?” Lucy smiled to herself in a sappy sort of way. “Well that’s good. I mean that’s what you wanted.” Charlotte turned back to her book when she suddenly gasped “, Hey!” She smacked the surface of the water and made Lucy jump back startled. “Is he the one who got you drunk?” She demanded her sister’s attention “, for crying out loud Lucy, you know those people are a bad influence! At least nobody went and had their way with you…Wait! Did they? Are you okay?” Charlotte was borderline frantic.
“No,” Lucy mumbled “, nobody had their way with me.” The red head breathed a sigh of relief. A few minutes later Lucy grabbed the edge of the tub and pulled herself closer to where Charlotte sat. “Thank you,” she grinned “, you’re a good sister.”
“Yeah, don’t mention it,” Charlotte waved her hand flippantly “, no seriously don’t. Dad would die if he knew you’d gone and put yourself in that kind of situation.”
“Where is dad?”
“He stayed overnight at the office.” Charlotte flipped a page “, he should be home sometime early this morning.”
“Okay.” Lucy laid her back against the tile wall. It was cold and made her body quake. “My puke,” she groaned “I have to clean it.” Her eyes were closed and she appeared to be drifting off again.
“I already did dummy,” Charlotte reached over and tapped her on the head.
“Then I think I’d like to get out of the tub now.”
Charlotte sighed, shook her head, and proceeded to help Lucy stand.

Lucy looked up at Peter, having remembered the night before he died. She smiled to herself, that was the first night she thought she could actually get him, and it was the last time her living self would ever feel that way. It had only been moments since Peter had professed his will to find her no matter what, and still his words seemed hard to believe, as if they were lost in a haze of dreams. Was it real, or just her imagination?
 “Spread your legs.”
 “Huh? What?” Lucy inched up the bed “, Peter, what are you talking about?”
 “I Want to cum.”
 “I don’t know how you can go from being mopey, to being horny, so fast.”
 “Shut up and let me fuck you.” Peter pried her legs open forcefully. He appraised the sight before him and with his jaw clenched, grunted “, God damn, you don’t know how cute you are…” this made Lucy’s face scrunch with embarrassment.
“Peter, stop it!” Lucy shoved at his forearms, which held her legs open “, seriously get off of me!” Peter reached forward and pushed her chest, causing her to fly back and bounce against the mattress. He leaned forward, still pressing her thighs apart, and took her panties between his teeth. He pulled them down far enough to get to the flesh that lay underneath. His tongue flicked coyly against her at first, to which Lucy would squirm in protest. Peter scraped his top teeth into her pelvic bone and slid his face downward whilst sucking her into his mouth. Peter took one of his hands and placed it amid her collarbones to keep her from trying to sit upright. He was too strong. “Peter! I swear to God!” Lucy barked and gripped the hand about her neck. This made him smile proudly. Peter dug his elbow into her thigh to keep it a jar, and using the same arm, slid his fingers inside her. Lucy fought the urge to rock into them. He continued licking, his saliva dripping down the curve of her asscheek.
“Please stop.” Peter pulled his fingers out of her, and the relief Lucy felt quickly vanished when he brought them to her mouth and stuck them inside.
“You taste good don’t you?” Lucy blushed uncontrollably to which Peter smiled “, God, I’m going to do you so hard.” Peter put his hands under her thighs and pulled her onto his lap. It was by this time that she was no longer fighting. Peter stroked himself only briefly before pushing his way inside her. “Fuck you’re so tight.” He groaned this through gritted teeth. Lucy tried again to wrench her way free, but he only pushed down harder on her shoulders, pinning her indefinitely. “You’re acting like you don’t want it, but you’re so damn wet.”
 Peter thrust so hard and so fast, she felt like she would split in half. Is this what being with Peter really was and why did she like it so much?  He grabbed her arms and hoisted her upright onto his thighs. Peter dug his hands into her hipbones and ground himself against her rigid insides.  Lucy cried out, clinging to his back and hiding her face in the crook of his shoulder. Her hips moved with their own free will. She pounded against him so firmly, she felt like he might break.
“You like that don’t you? Grinding on daddy’s cock?” Peter twirled his fist up in her hair and yanked her head back as he sunk his teeth into her neck. Lucy bounced on him, her insides throbbing, screaming “more.”
“Peter,” She panted “, you’re so big.” She repeated this like a mantra “, you’re so big. You’re so big.”
“It’s more like, you’re so small,” he mumbled this as he plated kisses along her jaw.
“Oh God, Peter, don’t stop.” Lucy whimpered as she trembled and her insides twitched.
“Will you let me do whatever I want to you?” Peter breathed as he hugged her, pumping, his hand on the back on the back of her head. Lucy whined in affirmation, vaguely nodding.
“Will you let me cum inside you?” Lucy’s breath caught in her throat. She rocked against him, and stifled her moans. Peter put his elbows under each of her knees and thrust into her until she caved, begging him not to stop. Swiftly and skillfully he switched into missionary position, and Lucy felt him probe even further, she couldn’t handle it anymore.
“Peter,” she gasped “, I’m going to…”
“Do it,” He growled “, do it all over me.”
Lucy felt her thighs tighten and her whole body tense. Her insides began to spasm under the pressure. Peter felt this and bit his lip. He wanted to fill her up with every bit of him. They were both hot and strained and panting, their bodies slick. Peter cradled the back of her skull, pressed their foreheads together and pushed himself up until he was lost inside her. Lucy cried out, her head thrown back, with Peter’s warm gooey liquid leaking from her like a coconut cracked in half.
Lucy's Not Alive: Chapter 33.
(Mystery, Suspense, Horror, Fantasy, Romance, Teen+)

My new novel, more chapters to come.

Chapter 1…
Chapter 2…
Chapter 3…
Chapter 4…
Chapter 5…
Chapter 6…
Chapter 7…
Chapter 7 part 2…

GenderBent Markiplier!

Journal Entry: Mon May 18, 2015, 11:13 PM


You're My Property.

Journal Entry: Fri May 15, 2015, 11:37 AM

I love how crazy this song is.

Also, I love you guyz <3 

Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1] by Jerikuto


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