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I am 21.
I am an aspiring actress. I love to sing and write.
All I really want to be is a YouTuber.
And as far as my art goes, I do a little bit of everything.

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I live in a world where everyone is faulty,
everyone cares what anyone thinks,
and nobody lives for anyone but themselves.
And in this world,
people take everything for granted and nothing for free.
No one forgives what they can't understand,
when all it takes is opening their eyes.
So who would want to live in a place,
where the person with the most money has the most power?
And greed takes part in every equation?
Well the answer is simple.
The harder it is to find something beautiful,
the more you're bound to appreciate it.
And the longer it takes to finally be happy,
the less time you have to enjoy it.
I'm Sarah Elizabeth, and I know this world is an ugly place.
Which is just what it takes, to find what's not.

Jenna Marbles Inspired Makeup Tutorial!

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 21, 2014, 1:12 PM


  A week had passed, and with it went Christmas. It was December twenty seventh. Charlotte's birthday, which was the twelfth, had come and gone without notice from Jane. Needless to say, Christmas had done the same. After Lucy had died, Jane became different, she wasn't even able to love Charlotte anymore, or favor her like she used to. It seemed as though the game Jane used to play was pointless, there was no longer anyone to play it with. Jane used Charlotte as a pawn, a way to hurt her other children by showing them what it was like to be out of her good graces. Isaac and Eli were gone, off living their lives elsewhere, Lucy was dead, and Charlotte was the only one left. Jane had done her job, she had tested the strength of her offspring. 
  "We should do what Charlotte suggested," Lucy slid across the bleachers and came to a stop against Peter's thigh ", and move into my old bedroom."
  "Well, the energy around the house certainly doesn't appear to be coming back anytime soon, and because Charlotte has accepted your death and believes wholeheartedly in the supernatural, you won't need an invitation anymore, she's opened the house up to you."
  "So let's stay there with her, and keep her company." The dark haired girl insisted, to this Peter smiled, and Lucy cringed at the thought of his idea of "company."
  "I think I'm sick of this life energy thing," Lucy rubbed her hands together ", I had forgotten how much it sucked to be cold."
  "You could learn to control it you know," Peter grabbed her shoulder and shook ", the energy inside you can be turned on and off like a light switch, allowing you to slip in and out of purgatory, like me."
  "Why the fuck are you just mentioning this now?"
  "Because, up until now, you needed to remain visible to your sister and Kenneth, but now that everything's settled, when they aren't around, you can conserve your charge for more important things." Peter cocked an eyebrow ", I mean seriously, what are you doing right now besides being cold as shit? Exactly, nothing."
  "Oh my god, you are just the most stupid dilweed I have ever met," Lucy joked ", that being said, I'll try and learn how to control the energy more." There was a customary moment of silence around the pair. "You know Peter," Lucy spoke wistfully ", it's almost your birthday."
  "That's not for another two months."
  "Yeah but still," Lucy took hold of his leather collar ", you'll be twentyfive!"
  Peter rolled his eyes ", no, I would have been twentyfive."
  "Seriously Peter, that's so old!" Lucy broke into a fit of hysteria "That's five years from thirty, that's a quarter of your life!" 
  "Oh shut up!" He barked and made a fist which he used to knuckle Lucy's scalp ", I'm not old, you're just a fetus!"
  "Stop Peter!" Lucy shoved her palms hard into his ribs ", That hurts!"
  "What? You can't take a little noggie?"
  "You know, I thought you said things would be different, they're exactly the same," Lucy caressed the sore spot on her head ", you're still a big jerk piece of shit."
  "Oh, you mean because we had sex?" Peter stifled laughter ", it's different alright, probably not noticeably, but it is."
  "I can't believe I volunteered to make sure you were in my life until the end of time," Lucy jeered ", I'm literally retarded."
  "Well, luckily for you, that doesn't mean we'll be lovers." Lucy perked up, giving her full attention. "It only means our souls will do anything to live together, God could be a really huge dick and make us related if he wants to."
  "Oh no!" Lucy shrieked ", what are the chances of that happening?"
  "That's very slim, since we have openly shown God our intentions toward one another. There are some rare cases when soul mates end up as siblings, and things like incest occur."
  "That's fucked up."
  "Yes but it is also accidental, and only fucked up because you're looking at it with the same ideals as a living person. When it comes down to it, we are all related, God made us all in his image. Like I said before, though, it's very unlikely." Peter rolled up a wayward sleeve ", Experience is experience, no matter its origin, it's all important, it all needs to happen, to one person or another." He reached out and patted Lucy on the head ", so we all can learn." She batted him away.
  "Don't tousle my hair like I'm some sort of child!"
  "Some sort of child?" Peter smirked ", are there more types than one?" Lucy plunged her finger into his ear, an odd attack, but extremely useful in it's own way.

  The days fell from the calendar, and Lucy was learning to control her spirit with help from that pesky character who always knows everything, Peter. She was starting to feel what she never did in life, purpose. Lucy felt like she could stay dead forever, and just watch over her sister, and keep her company, and dry her tears should they ever fall. Lucy wanted to be an angel, but she wasn't quite sure they even existed. It was strange enough that ghosts did, and harder yet to conceive, the reality of God. 
  Lucy and Peter would walk with Charlotte to the baseball field, where they'd meet Kenneth. The young red head would make lunch for the living boy, and the group would play board games, and talk about the future as well as the past. Charlotte's face would grow red with embarrassment every time the boys recanted one of their sexual encounters, which happened too frequently to count. Contrastingly, Lucy would smile when Peter talked about relationships, she loved him for being so brash, and she couldn't help but feel above those other girls. Lucy had won, it tickled her to imagine that she captured the heart of Peter Alan White, though he hadn't said it, she knew it was true. Lucy felt as though she could stay, for eternity, with only the four of them, in fact, she wanted nothing more. 
  Lucy and Peter had gone to Kenneth's car, leaving Charlotte behind to pick up everyone's mess, and Kenneth to help her.
  "Doesn't it just make sense though?" The young girl questioned, mostly to herself.
  "If you want to have a conversation with yourself, I can totally go," Kenneth gestured to his car with his top lip tugged up in an appalled way.
  "No I'm sorry," Charlotte shook her head ", I hadn't realized I only thought the first part of that statement."
  Kenneth chuckled and knelt to grab Apples to Apples ", well fill me in hotshot."
  "It's a little bit weird for you to hear I'm sure," Charlotte smiled at the ground ", coming from me, I imagine."
  "If you don't spit it out I am walking away," the older boy teased and nodded to his car again.
  "Doesn't it make sense that we would be together?"
  "I guess, in like a teen romance sort of way, sure," Kenneth laughed and pushed his hair back ", but life doesn't usually work out like that."
  "It's not hard to tell I like you is it?" She looked away whilst biting her cheek ", you deal with it very well."
  "Look Char, can I all you Char?" Kenneth clapped her back and shook playfully ", you're cute, you know that , but I'm not looking to sweep anyone away."
  "But you love Lucy don't you?"
  "I do yeah, and that's probably something that isn't likely to fade," Kenneth turned her to face him and braced both of her shoulders. He looked deep in her eyes as he spoke ", You're a smart girl, I can tell, and that means you know our relationship would be a cop out. I might be a teenager, but I don't hop from girl to girl like some horny high schooler. I like you Charlotte, you fit in nicely with our damaged little group, and I don't want to go and fuck that up."
  "You mean because I'm a virgin?" Charlotte giggled ", I know your first time is always bad, and if mine's with you we can't be friends anymore."
  "See, I told you, you were smart."
  "I just thought it made sense, is all."
  "I know," Kenneth rubbed her bicep assuringly ", and Peter would call me a fag for not kissing you, but he's fucking dead so what does his opinion matter?" The girl laughed hard and covered her mouth, her manners truly were well instilled, even though she used to be so bratty. "Come on," Kenneth led her away ", let's get you some Ice cream."
  "I don't want any Ice cream."
  "A doughnut then."
Lucy's Not Alive: Chapter 30.
(Mystery, Suspense, Horror, Fantasy, Romance, Teen+)

My new novel, more chapters to come.

Chapter 1…
Chapter 2…
Chapter 3…
Chapter 4…
Chapter 5…
Chapter 6…
Chapter 7…
Chapter 7 part 2…


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